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An interview with Selkie and Erin

Voyage LA has named Versatile Assassins a "hidden gem" in East LA.

Read all about it here!

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Mayã Savitri
Mayã Savitri
Mar 01, 2020

I started aerial because of you <3 I remember watching over and over again "The Chain" video, and I can't find words to explain how this is still very inspiring for me! I found you on Instagram, in 2015, got very impressed, booked my first class and... let's say that it worked out :) I've never been a fitness girl, so I struggled a lot when I started my aerial classes. Like, a lot.

Four years later and I am more thankful than I could possible imagine. Nowadays I do aerial silks, lyra and trapeze. Circus gave me more than a strong and flexible body - it taught me a lot about life, about believing in myself, support my friends and…


Good stuff!

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